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Digital Learning & Teaching Platform

EAP Space

EAP Space is the first E-learning English for Academic Purposes course. Guiding Australian ESL students, non native students and new migrants on their academic journey.

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Scaffolded Learning

Reading. Writing. Listening. Speaking. Vocabulary. Grammar.

Scaffolding is breaking up the learning into chunks. Each component is taught in a cycle. The components progressively advance on from each cycle. Scaffolded learning allows students to connect previous knowledge to current learning. So no components are overlooked.

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Why EAP Space?

Advanced Academic Framework

EAP Space is closely aligned to standards such as The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and assessment criteria for the English for Academic Purpose Programs delivered in most of the Australian or other English language universities.

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CEFR Qualification

EAP Space qualification helps our students enrolled at over than 100 universities globally

Remote Learning

The convenient nature of our digital platform will be essential to the new era of learning.

In collaboration with ARC (Australian Research Council) & University of Wollongong we are developing our platform to provide better opportunities for regional ESL students.

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Features for Students

  • VIRTUAL LEARNING: students can study the weekly content individually at their own pace and have access to EAP Space content, exercises, vocabulary lists, creative content videos, social chatrooms, and consultation.

  • CLASS SPECIFIC CHATROOMS: students are automatically enrolled with their classmates in an online chatroom where they can communicate, share knowledge, solve problems together and seek general assistance from teachers (group based questions are answered here).

  • PROGRESSION CHART: students can access data in the individual profile page, which displays their progression using time and answers as data. This allows students to have an overview of their current and future learning.

  • WORDBOOK: includes newly learned vocabulary, where students may review anytime.

Features for Teachers 

  • LEARNING PROGRESSION: offers the teachers the ability to check student’s learning progression and determine to what extent a student is achieving the expected learning outcomes. Teachers can use the information from the progression chart to support the student accordingly.

  • CONSULTATION: a two-way live-chat function for students and teachers to communicate privately, to help answer students’ questions, provide advice, and privately share information with teacher.

  • EXERCISE ANALYSIS: teachers can view an overall analysis of each exercise, to help supervise the students’ learning outcomes. This data helps the teachers understand the students’ performance before, during, and after participating in an exercise.

Features for Partner institutions   

  • CLASS MANAGEMENT: includes class information and details about each class structure & learning outcomes.

  • STUDENT MANAGEMENT: includes information about students and classification of students according to level and class.

  • TEACHER MANAGEMENT: includes teacher’s information and class teaching and assigning functions.

  • ADMINISTRATION MANAGERS: allows for the input of other administrators’ information and management

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EAP space is a great resource for recurrent practice. The units are built in a gradual difficulty in order to let the students practice at the preferred pace. It is well designed and every section is developed organically and with great details.

Fabio Zaca


Phan Hoàng Ngọc Minh.jpg

EAP Space is a useful platform that allows students to practice all four English skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. It introduces us to new vocabulary and sentence structures, assists us in becoming acquainted with different accents, and improves our reading comprehension abilities.

Phan Hoang Ngoc Minh

Võ Đăng Quang.jpg

I use EAP Space exclusively as my preferred English learning platform. The website provides information on four different aspects of English that are all beneficial to my studies. I personally recommend EAP Space to prepare for any English practice assessments, including the IELTS test.

Vo Dang Quang

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