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Work with EAP Space

With EAP Space, English for Academic Purposes education is now not only accessible and flexible, but can also be an essential pathway to globalisation.

Business partnerships are at the core of our operations. Become an EAP Space partner to bring Australian-standard English education to your students today.

Program Integration

EAP Space’s digital online platform makes it easy to be integrated with existing programs and support students’ learning.

Students of these integrated programs can also take a CEFR test at the end to certify their English skills for further use.

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Suitable organisations: Institutions, Program Providers, English centres,...

Our program partners:

EAP Space - Digital Academic English -PTIT
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Potential models

Self-study program

Your students sign up for EAP Space as an extra program.

Blended Program

The content of the course is split between online and offline studying.

Support Material

Use materials and tools from EAP Space to support in-class teaching.

Recruitment Partnership

A cost-effective and internationally recognised solution

EAP Space can be the solution to your student’s specific English education needs.

Become a valued member of our recruitment network, and help connect students with EAP Space!

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Suitable organisations: Education agents, Migration agents, Tutors,...

Pathway Recognition

Our Academic team built the EAP Space program based on the English for Academic Purposes curriculum frequently used by Australian universities. The utmost care is also given to assessments to make sure students meet the expected skill levels

We are confident EAP Space can be recognised to satisfy English requirements for educational purposes.

These institutions are already recognising EAP Space:

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Tell us your partnership ideas!

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