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EAP Space is proudly presented to you by OEGI.

We are a group of passionate education providers from Australia with operations in Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and more. With our network of team members, we collaborate with partners all around the world to provide the most effective solutions to their international education needs.

​For One and All

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EAP Space's Mission

To transform the conventional methods of delivering Academic English with a fully digital training platform that is comprehensive, interactive, and cost-effective, designed for students aiming for a higher level of academic literacy and professional skills for university and workspace.

Built on collaboration

OEGI also provides other widely accredited international programs. Such as:

  • Foundation program leading to Bachelor’s studies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Master Qualifying Program leading to Australian universities.

International cooperation is at the heart of our business.

So we are always eager to meet new people from new backgrounds to collaborate and provide value to students everywhere.

Visit our website:

​For all business enquiries, please contact:

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