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Scaffolding learning is an integral part of the EAP Space program, which is designed to support students at every stage of their academic English language learning journey.

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EAP Yellow

CEFR Level: B1
​Duration: 12 - 40 Weeks

Intended for beginners of Academic English. The module covers a range of language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking based on the Australian EAP Curriculum.

CEFR Level: B2
​Duration: 12 - 40 Weeks

The intermediate level of EAP Space for students who have completed EAP Yellow. The course continues to develop English language skills and focuses on more advanced academic language and critical thinking skills.

EAP Green


CEFR Level: C1 and above
​Duration: 8 - 12 Weeks

The highest level of the EAP Space program for students who have achieved a high level of proficiency in English. Focuses on advanced academic language skills such as critical thinking, argumentation, and research, to prepare students for academic study at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

From zero to hero

The EAP Space program is divided into 3 levels: EAP Yellow, EAP Green and EAP Access based on the CEFR framework.

This means students' progression with EAP Space is based on the same assessment structure used for international English Language Tests such as iELTS or PTE.

By completing all three levels, students are expected to progress from B1 to C2 CEFR level of proficiency.

Program Structure

Learn - Practice - Revise

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Progression Timeline

Each EAP Space level is constructed in a series of Weeks. Students progress chronologically through the program in weekly order.

Students' progression is tracked by individual exercises, weekly reviews, mid-term tests and final tests.

Learning Modules

Every EAP Space week consists of learning modules for 5 essential skills.

One learning module consists of multiple theory cards, example cards or a variety of exercises.









Scaffolding Learning approach

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At EAP Space, we use a method called Scaffolded Learning to help students make steady progress in their studies. We make it easier for students to learn new concepts by connecting them with what they previously learnt. The EAP Space program would challenge them without overwhelming them, gradually increasing the modules' difficulty each week. 

With our approach, students will have the guidance and skills they need to navigate their Academic English journey confidently.

Academic team

​Meet our Academic Team

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