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Progress from Australian Diploma to Master’s level without IELTS through EAP Space + ECA pathway

The EAP Space + ECA pathway allows students to get a Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree in only 2 years, all without taking any English proficiency test.

Digital Academic English platform EAP Space - ECA College - APIC Pathway

The ECA College* to Asia Pacific International College (APIC)** progression path is an optimal pathway for students looking for an Australian Master’s degree in Business or Management. With this study route, students can optimise their learning time and get 2 AQF qualifications in only 2 years.

Even better, it is not required to study for the IELTS to achieve the required English proficiency certificate. By studying and completing EAP Green on the EAP Space digital Academic English platform, students will be deemed to satisfy the English requirements via this pathway.

* ECA College: CRICOS 02644C | RTO:45012

** APIC: CRICOS 03048D | PRV12007

Pathway details

Digital Academic English platform EAP Space - ECA College - APIC Pathway Information

Instead of studying and getting an IELTS overall score of 6.0, students need only complete EAP Green to meet the English entry requirement for the Graduate Diploma of Management at ECA College. Since EAP Space is a digital program based on the Australian-standard English for Academic Purposes program, students can study at their own pace, in any environment and at any time.

After completing the Graduate Diploma program, students can then progress straight into either the Master of Business Administration or Master of Project Management and Business at APIC.

Notably, the Master’s programs at APIC will only take 1 year for students with the Graduate Diploma from ECA College. This means that within the 2-year studying period, students will be able to get 2 high-quality qualifications and be eligible for the 485 subclass work visa.

Start now!

The EAP Space - ECA College - APIC Pathway is perfect for students looking for the most cost-efficient and time-efficient route for an Australian Master’s degree in Business and Management.

By taking advantage of the EAP Space digital academic English platform, students can flexibly build up their academic English skills while also getting official international recognition.

Start your free trial with EAP Space now to begin preparing for your future international education pursuits!


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